Yoga for the Soul

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and I honestly can’t imagine my life without it. I love how it keeps me toned yet flexible and frankly, it’s FUN! I always feel so at peace after a great yoga session – both physically and mentally and I think to me that is what yoga is all about. So often today we focus so much on our outward appearance when it’s what’s inside that matters most. Yoga recognizes and honors our inner light above all else. I appreciate that it helps keep me fit but that’s never my goal heading onto the mat. I want to focus on my breath, being present and being happy. I feel all of those things and more in my practice and over the years my practice has changed and grown with me.

When I started yoga I’ll admit it was because it was so trendy and a friend dragged me to a class. But I was instantly hooked and started going for myself, not because it was the thing to do. Over the years my practice has been both regular and intermittent, but lately no matter how busy I am, I always make time to practice four (!) times a week because it has such a positive effect on my entire life.

I used to find it a challenge to make it into the studio more than once or twice a week because of my busy schedule. But in this day and age there are tons of videos and apps that allow you to practice at home which is exactly what I do! I try to get to an in-person class once a week, but otherwise I just set up YouTube videos in my living room and do a 30 minute flow when I wake up. I find myself so much happier and engaged in my work after starting the day this way!

I love my daily rituals of yoga in the morning and meditation in the evening for a clear mind. What are your rituals?