I Heart Avocados

My Name is Laura and I am an Avocadolic!

I am addicted! And it’s not to anything bad like alcohol, drugs, or donuts! No, girls, I am addicted to yummy, yummy avocado toast!

I know some of you will roll your eyes to this, but I was all about avocado toast before it was a thing. Heck, I was even all about avocados before it was a thing. During my university days, I would often buy a bag of avocados on sale and eat 3 or 4 of them for dinner with nothing but a sprinkling of salt.

I would also eat avocados for breakfast, particularly with eggs and a couple slices of toast on the side. Overtime, I started smashing the avocado and putting it right on top of the toast. It was heavenly!

Whenever I had friends over for breakfast they would also really love digging into my avocado toast speciality. That was a few years ago, and now, years, later, everyone seems to have learned just how nutritious and delicious avocado toast could be!

I recently read an interesting article (which I think went viral) suggesting that the reason why millenials can’t afford real estate isn’t because of the surging market, but because we are willing to pay (and do pay) $22 for avocado toast! While somewhat offensive to us millenials, there is some truth to this. I have found myself a bit too easy to whip my credit card from time to time, and my friends are the same.

But, when it comes to avocado toast, the reality is that we can enjoy it relatively inexpensive in the comfort of our home. No way it should cost $22! All you need is some nice, wholesome bread (even artisan can be purchased relatively cheaply, one smashed avocado, and a bit of salt for seasoning. If we want to get fancy, get some smoked wild salmon and wedge that between the toast and avocado – it goes beautifully. If done properly you’ll be enjoying avocado toast for the low, low, price of $5 or less.

Okay, so that’s my addiction confession. What are you girls addicted to (that you are willing to write about)? Haha.